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 Winter Haven is a beautiful city of approximately 35,000 friendly folks.   As the Chamber of Commerce mentions, " To some we're the perfect haven from the harsh winter months up North, and to others we are the opportunity to be involved in a town with over 55 lakes to enjoy with
 fantastic sunrises and sunsets over the water".....AND an absolutely supurb terrain for running.  This particular course (USTFA hopefully approved ) includes gentle rises, enough technical to cause pressure for the advanced competitors but not so much to frustrate us "mere mortals".  This trek will pass by three pristine lakes and many lovely holiday decorated homes. It will be  well marked with security and volunteers all along  the route.   "Newbies" are especially encouraged to join the fastest growing athletic activity in the world.  Running encourages increased physical fitness, effective weight control, greater patience, and an overall sense of well-being.  Besides that, runners seem to be among the most happy, up-beat, smiling, smart, fun-loving, good-looking, physically-fit humans on the planet.  Interestingly, at the Finish, everyone is exhausted, sweaty, smelly, somewhat dirty, frequently nauseous BUT...  SMILING !!   Life is Good...HOO-YA !!!
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17th St.

13th St.


​8th St.

5k run/walk

Kids' Sprints

Ave. D

For the 10K course, runners will run to and turn left on Ave D.  Then straight across Rt US 17 and right on the Lk. Howard path.  Around  the path to 17th St. Turn right and  follow signs and instruction around both Lks. Cannon and Mirror.  Turn left at Ave L and loop around to and across Lk. Howard Dr.  onto the path. Turn right and loop again around to 17th street and back around the same way to Lake Howard Drive.  This time, however,  turn left and head back to the finish via Ave D.  Now turn  right on 5th Ave  ( you came out on 5th),  and streak to the finish.  Volunteers will guide you as will the arrows and signs on the asphalt.   The course will be well articulated !! 
For the 5K course, runners will follow similarly as the 10K  except at 13th St you will CROSS Ave L and go directly down to and across  Lake Howard Dr. onto the path. Turn  left and head back via Ave D.  Follow directions by signs and volunteers.  It will be clear !!!