Online Registration  Opens July 1 2017

Details and Registration

Race Fees
Preregistered:    Before December 1st
            $ 30 for 10 K     Students (12+ )  $  20  for 10 K
            $ 25 for 5 K                                             $  15  for 5 K

Kids Race (1/2 Mi)         $ 5 ea

Between Dce 1 and Dec 19:    
                       $  35 for 10 K            
                       $  30 for  5 K 
Kids  -  Same as above
Students  -  Same as above
Walkers - $ 10  Families - $ 15

Day of Registration ( Dec 23):                  
              $  38 -- 10 K 
              $  33 --  5 K 
Students   $  25--10K 
                       $  20--5K
Kids Race (1/2 Mi)         $ 5 ea

$ 5 Discount Coupon for all prior to race day registration.
Please use the Discount CODE provided.
Active US Military  (USM);   Lakland Runners Club (LRC)  
Vets, (V),   JROTC   ( with  ID ) (JR),  Santa Clause  (SC).

Awards to Top Overall and Masters Winners - M/F  
Awards to all age groups -  3 deep, M/F
    under 10           40-44
    10-14                  45-49
    15-19                  50-54
    20-24                  55-59
    25-29                  60-64
    30-34                  65-69
    35-39                  70 -74
                 80 and up

All  kids- 1/2 mi. run finishers receive a ribbon.
Top two in Kids ( M & F ) 1/2 Mi. receive a trophy.
          Two age groups:  under 6 and 6-10.


Registration Form After July 1
Not Formated for a Smart Phone.
Snip it and mail it with check.

Last Nme___________________________________________       First ________________________________________________
Mailing STREET Address ( Ind Apt # if approp )____________________________________________________________
City___________________________________  State____________  Zip Code___________________
Birthday (mm/dd/yyyy) ____/______/______.     Age_______     Tele.  #  ____________________   Male___ Female___
Email Address___________________________________________   T-shirt Size         S___ M ___ L____XL ____ None ____

Release Form
Must be completed and signed or the Race Form is voided.
In consideration of my entry being accepted, I intend to be legally bound, and hereby for myself, my heirs, and executors, waive all rights and claims for damages which may hereafter accrue to me against the sponsors, officials, volunteers, and supporters of this race and any representatives, successors, or assigns for any and all damages of injuries which may be sustained and suffered by me in consideration of my association with and entry or participation in this race.  If I should suffer injury or illness, I authorize the officials of the race to use their discretion to have me transported to a medical facility, and I take full financial and legal responsibility for this action.  I attest and verify that I am physically fit and have my physician's permission to participate in ths race.  I hereby grant full permission to any and all of the foregoing to use any photographs, videotapes, or any other record of this event for any purpose of the event whatsoever.  I have read the above release and understand that it presents a risk of physical injury, knowing this a am entering this event at my own risk.
Signature of runner/walker  -  Signature of parent/guardian ( if under age 18 )____________________________________________________________

Make checks payable to:        Winter Haven Optimist Club
Mailing Address:                        Winter  Haven Optimist Club      
                                                              P.O Box 7586
                                                              Winter Haven, Florida  33883-7586

Register on-line

On-line Registration
After  July1